Club Fees

2022/23 CLUB FEES


Additional Powers will have an added cost of $45 dollars per player (Minimum of 9 players req.)

Each additional qualifier will add a "Tournament Fee" cost of $500 per player (Minimum of 9 players req.) This fee can increase or decrease depending on cost of the tournament location.

Qualifier/Large Tournament cost will cover Tournament Entry, Coaches Travel as well as coaches pay/meals. In order to keep the cost down for all of our families, we do not cover your athletes' travel, lodging, ground transportation. This allows families to use points, loyalty programs etc when applicable.

Fees do not include tournaments that are in consideration. Participation in these extra tournaments will be based on what would be the greatest benefit to each athlete and team as a whole.

If a team qualifies for USAV Girls Junior National Championships there will be an additional cost on top of the "Tournament Fee" listed above in order to extend coaches and practice time in the gym

Not Included - Player hotel, airfare, and food.